Monday, 10 February 2014


Every day when sun sets,
In the quiet he comes to rest,
And when the night falls,
Joker has his mask off,
From his face to hands,
Along with the farce,
Silently the smile crawls.
Joy is all to be shared,
But when you do!
Does the world care?
An impetus charming soul,
Beneath it all, dark as coal.
Look into the abyss of the eyes,
To find the true emotion,
Even a master of senses,
Can’t defy his intentions.

They say a violin cries,
Does it?
Every tune is distinct to every ear,
What’s in the mind,
Is what you hear.
Each thought brings up a memory,
And so a grin, laughter, tears or a smile.
But then we are all a Joker,
In this marvelous act,
We hide the self,
With society you made a pact.
Out of luck or fate as you may say,
You meet an acquaintance,
Well groomed at your best,
Every word makes sense.
Both say the feeling was intense,
He knows the display was mere pretense.
He knows a man, or a Joker,
Getting ready for his act,
Can feel the tremor.
He stares in his eyes in the mirror,
As he puts up his mask,
His hands may not shiver,
But the eyes do quiver...