Friday, 12 August 2011


Desires turn to lust,
Confessions demanding some action,
This tension pulsating through the soul,
He can feel his body heat.
You said it’s all in the mind,
But body is the route mind unleashes itself.
And more than anything,
It’s yours he wishes to touch and feel.
He smells your fragrance every moment,
Can feel you around every minute.
Every part of you is mesmerizing,
Those bright red lips are seducing to death,
The man who thought had it all,
Feels poor n novice.
It drives him mad at times,
The breath, those eyes, the touch, that smell,
He loves when you push him further,
Let those forbidden desires swell.
Fight remains the same,
As a kid he fought everybody,
Now the man fights himself for a body...


They say the ocean’s deep and mysterious,
But then who holds the courage,
To dive and explore its depth?
To get wet, to take the step alone,
To face their biggest fear,
To talk when no one can hear.
Most just cry and whine,
How would you know the taste?
If you don’t touch your lips to your wine.
What is wrong, what is right?
How may they judge,
When there are no rules of life for them to write.
He walks in the rain,
So no one can see him crying,
It’s easier to find one self,
When you are alone and naked in your own eyes.
No curtains, no shame, no secrets, no lies,
Much easier once you give up trying.
He will be a king someday,
A king of hearts, for the numerous he won and lost,
Dad said-“what’s the use to be one tomorrow,
If you can’t live as one today”,
He has no destiny, no aims,
No aspirations, no expectations.
He just has a gift,
Bestowed upon by thee,
To explore and enjoy a simple human life,
Measured in tick tocks of clock, you call time.
Yes I am that ‘He’,
The man whose hands had no lines,
One who fell for long black hairs, then pretty red lips, n then for those hazel eyes,
 The man who sold his heart for a dime...

Thursday, 4 August 2011


He’s known you for years,
Missed you for a couple,
Still it feels so fresh,
As a young ones flesh.
There’s always something to hear,
Even when you have nothing to talk and share,
That shy smile, those pretty eyes,
Long black hair, face so very fair,
Voice so sweet, the moment it falls on my ears,
This world is what he cares the least.
He gave you what was left of his heart,
To lock it up and keep it safe.
In this flowing life,
Your thought is what stands still,
Running water appeals to all,
For the rush, the vibes, the thrill.
Deeper and darker it might seem,
But still waters always pulled him.
Amidst all the chaos in the world,
It is your touch that most appealed.
The very thought of you,
Brings upon pleasant memories,
Takes away the past,
He’s run enough like a mad,
Seeking faces and searching souls,
It is you he wishes to stop for,
To walk with, to talk with,
And complete the rest of the miles.
He’s fallen and risen numerous times,
But trust him, that rush no longer thrives,
He now wishes to fall forever,
In this and all the other lives...