Saturday, 23 July 2011


Push him over the edge,
He’s waited long for the fall,
Don’t take his picture,
Negative of life isn’t needed,
Paint him as you will,
And hang him on your wall.
These people, the rules, the wrongs, the rights,
Impervious to his own will,
He shall walk with you,
A little longer than until,
He cared less of the road he walked,
It was the company that mattered,
Milestones shall come and go,
He won’t count,
If only you held his hand,
He could take you places,
Make you forget the numerous faces.
Fill your voids with the pieces of his heart,
That’s his only perfected art.
He mocks the concern of this world,
That built walls for the free,
A friend of thee, he kept saying,
“ only god shall judge me”...

Saturday, 2 July 2011


Let the wind take you places,
You only imagine,
He can’t give you the sky,
But yes he could teach you to fly.
Blame the fate and him,
Not your will,
You know there’s a void,
That needs its fill.
If talks alone can create a magic,
He wonders what it would feel,
To touch the thoughts for real.
He’s roamed the world for a cause,
Yet he yearns to be lost,
In the forbidden city of your beautiful body...